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Why chatbot is indispensable to increase your online store’s revenue?

“We’re living in a world of constant digital transformation, and in this world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dominated”- According to UCToday.com

As AI continues to thrive stronger and stronger, so does chatbot. In this technological world, E-commerce merchants should focus on taking advantage of cutting-edge digital tools to increase and maximize revenue. That’s the reason why online store owners shouldn’t skip valuable AI functions such as chatbot. 

Chatbot’s effectiveness, as reported by Titio.com

Chatbots are mostly used on some social networks or websites. For online sellers, Facebook Chatbot is the most commonly used tool. It is a tool to connect to your facebook through API settings, interact with users in messenger and act as a virtual assistant to connect with customers. Understanding well about chatbot’s advantages and how to use it effectively will help E-commerce merchants to grow their businesses rapidly.

Let’s find out more about chatbot’s functions and the ways to use it to increase your store’s revenue!

How to take advantage of the chatbot?


I. What are the advantages of using a chatbot?

1. Faster customer feedback

The challenge when selling online is speed, you are fast and you will succeed. Delay in replying to a message or replying to a comment is one of the reasons why customers turn away and buy other products. Even when customers are annoyed, they can leave a bad review about the quality of service such as “slow response page”, “texting but no one answers”, “shop assistant is not enthusiastic” … affecting the reputation of the brand.

When using the chatbot tool, your customer response time is shortened compared to a regular employee. As soon as customers interact with the page such as like, comment or inbox, chatbot automatically responds based on the set script. This will help to minimize the time guests have to wait for feedback from fanpage.

Thanks to the chatbot, your online shop will speed up the response rate to customers. It will also minimize message overload, comments not being replied promptly or omit information asking to buy and order

2. Automating messages with customers based on available scenarios.

Not only can a chatbot help E-commerce merchants to optimize response time but also send automatic messages to customers according to the available script. Since then, all answers are corrected and systematized.

You can also set attractive call-to-action buttons in every message sent. For online shops, the most commonly used call to action buttons are:

  • Choose a colour
  • Choose the size number
  • Get a product quote
  • Get advice
  • Order
eBay’s chatbot example


3. Increasing sales by better customer care

You can set automatic messages to send to customers who used to interact with the fanpage. The content of the message is mainly informational or sending incentives to customers.

Compared to sending offers to old customers by email, using chatbots increases 80% open rates and access to preferential information. Therefore, each promotion program will help you communicate with more customers, with more cost savings. From there, you can maximize the sales that come from customers who made a purchase or interacted with your fanpage.

TechCrunch’s customer care chatbot


4. Coming up with effective marketing campaigns

ChatBot is used to classify and ask customers for information and measurements – helping administrators make decisions when running a campaign. For example, if we run an ad campaign for a new product and use chatbots to advise customers to comment on the article to run ads. After serving 500 comments using chatbot, the store owners see that the number of customers continues to interact with the chatbot to reach a single key is 50 people, 450 people have no further interaction, so we have the conclusion:

– Maybe this customer file isn’t satisfied with this price – probably because the content (including text and images) isn’t effective enough to attract customers.

– Maybe this price compared to this of a replacement product or a direct competitive product on the market is not good, review the financial balance to make promotions, and rethink about the marketing campaigns.

By using chatbot, business owners can evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and come up with better ones. 

5. Increasing brand awareness

It would be great if a retail shop cares about customers’ birthdays, knows how to celebrate the new year automatically, suddenly knows how to send messages to remind parents to give their children towels, and then has good information. , useful for sending to customers periodically … [instead of email because email is quite mixed, or SMS, SMS cost is not cheap, then easy to be spam ..,], the percentage of customers who buy becomes customers acquiring, and introducing new customers (provided our products are good), is for sure.

The personalization of the Messenger app is also great, superior to other Automation solutions. With that, your brand is more likely to receive attention from your customers and they can stay loyal to your business because of good services, 

II. How to use chatbot effectively to increase revenue?

1. Use the platform that makes the chatbot.

The easiest way to create a fully functional chatbot is to use a platform, such as chatfuel. Chatfuel is a chatbot building platform for entrepreneurs and businesses because it requires no programming knowledge. All you need to do is log into the site and link your account to your Facebook profile. Some other chatbot tools include:

  •  Works effectively with Facebook Messenger and comments. You can push offers and deals to customers on demand
  • Recognize variations of your keywords
  •  Can receive orders directly from Facebook Messenger and comment
  •  Integration with all major payment systems
  • Support many CMS platforms and business types
Chatfuel platform

2. Define your customers’ goals and expectations.

Overloading your chatbots with features will probably fail you. There is no point in trying to help your chatbot master all the tasks. Designing your chatbot so that it can master a task with its full capabilities is much better than having a chatbot that can perform 5 to 10 half-heartedly tasks. Remember, people want quality, not quantity.

3. Give chatbot a unique name.

Don’t let your chatbot get lost in the growing chatbot crowd. When thinking about a name think about your chatbot marketing. More and more companies are implementing chatbots, and if you don’t have a unique name, it won’t be remembered or found online. Providing you with a unique name will ensure that your customers can search for it easily.

Examples of unique chatbot names include a human name, a descriptive name and a clever name. Your store’s chatbot names should:

  • Reflect the tone and style of your brand
  • Be descriptive and funny
  • Short but not boring
An example of funny chatbot name on Tidio.com

4. Reach customers with your bot.

Chatbots are still very messy for many people, so reaching your customers directly will create more conversations and let them have a positive experience interacting with your brand. When designing your chatbot, you need to:

  • Create an effective greeting message.
  • Combine the clear “Start” button.
  • Tell your customers how you can help them with a welcome message.
  •  Use the buttons on your Facebook page and website.

5. Create a natural conversation.

Make sure your bot is a dialogue! Chat programs make the interaction between the chatbot and your audience more open, allowing you to better understand customer needs and collect more valuable data. The whole point of a bot is answering audience questions. So be sure to not get in the way of conversation, on the contrary, facilitate it.

LEGO’s chatbot conversations with customers


6. Evaluate and optimize your chatbot regularly.

As mentioned above, you will extend the functionality of the bot by creating new and improved versions of it. In general, a chatbot is a powerful digital marketing tool and as with any marketing tool, it needs regular review and optimization. Because the technology around chatbots is still new, it is still introducing new features. When you rate your chatbot, you need to:

  • Determine what you need to optimize it for
  • Focus on optimizing your chatbot based on your goals
  • Set up the best ways for you to motivate your audience to the desired outcome

7. Update with your competitors.

The fact that the chatbot is new means there is still room for improvement. The best way to learn is to monitor your opponent’s progress. To do so, start the following:

  • The things they are doing well that you can implement into your own chatbot strategy.
  • What they are doing is bad so you don’t make the same mistakes.
  • Any creative features they are using without you knowing.
  • Launching a simple, easy to use, accessible and effective chatbot is the best and most creative method that you can reach your audience today. Not only this, by giving them a little talk in a chatbot that has a little personality you can be sure they will be back for more.

We have discussed the benefits of chatbot and how to use it effectively for the purpose of increasing revenue. We hope that E-commerce merchants will understand the functions of chatbot and with it, their businesses will develop significantly in the future