Top 5 useful Shopify apps to grow your business

There are approximately a million E-commerce merchants all over the world who choose Shopify to launch their businesses.

The reasons here are quite obvious. Shopify empowers online retailers by allowing them to set up their stores in an attractive way at affordable rates. Besides, it helps to save time and energy with the use of automation, from sales, shipping to marketing activities. 

Once you have your Shopify store set up successfully, what do you have to do next?

It’s time for you to grow your business. But how?

In addition to helping merchants to launch their stores, Shopify also provides the Shopify App Store that is filled with various extraordinary apps to make your business thrive more. 

However, it is quite difficult to select the most suitable apps among a thousand ones in the Shopify App Store. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Let’s check out below our list of highly recommended Shopify apps to grow your business.

At a glance: Our choices for the top 5 Shopify apps to develop your online store.

Since you have set up your store, the next thing you should do is to promote your store. And one of the best apps for this is Kit. This app will allow you to drive traffic to your online store by taking advantage of digital marketing tools, namely: Facebook ads, Google ads and email marketing. 

Once you have got enough amount of traffic to your store, it’s time for the most important thing, which is boosting sales and increasing the conversion rate. Regarding this matter, Sales Pop – Popup Notification is highly recommended for E-commerce merchants to explore and try out.

Building trust is also of great importance for the online business owners to pay attention to. New and potential customers are more likely to make a purchasing decision if your store is well-trusted by others. Therefore, social proof is an indispensable element that should be included on your store’s website. With reviews and loyalty points, the customers will stay with you longer, and app is there to help you with that. 

Inventory management is also an issue that E-commerce merchants need to take care of. This will be time-consuming and quite hard to manage. However, with the help of Bulk Product Edit & CSV import, the task of managing inventory becomes easier and easier.

Customer support is also very important if the merchants want to keep their customers stay longer. In terms of this, Shopify also has an app that can help to provide excellent support, which is Gorgias

Now, it’s time to dig deeper into these wonderful Shopify apps to make your business thrive stronger.

#1. For marketing and promotion 

If you are having trouble with all the marketing activities, don’t worry. Kit is here to help you. This is a very useful app for all E-commerce merchants to manage the task of marketing their stores. 

Shopify’s Kit app

Kit isn’t any marketing app, it acts like your virtual assistant who is on call 24/7 and is working every time, even when you aren’t. By looking at your products, visitors and customers, Kit can make insightful recommendations for your next marketing move. This is great if you don’t have much budget to hire a marketing expert. 

Kit is also an official partner of Facebook Marketing Partner for new and small businesses. Knowing how Facebook and Instagram ads, along with email marketing work, Kit helps you to manage them effectively to drive traffic and boost sales. If you possess little knowledge regarding social ads and online advertising, this app is right for you. 


What we like What we don’t like
  • Set up Facebook dynamic ads and retarget shoppers most likely to buy
  • Create Facebook and Instagram ads that drive sales
  • Post Facebook updates to drive customer engagement
  • Send personalized ‘thank you’ emails to generate repeat purchases
  • Create and promote discount codes to acquire and retain customers
  • Free
  • Your targeting options are limited
  • You are stuck with only one type of ad, and it is only in the newsfeed
  • Kit runs ads that go directly to your product pages, but not to landing pages.

Because of the above pros and cons, the score for this app is 4.5/5

#2. For converting and boosting sales 

No matter how much traffic you can attract to your store, you need to find ways to make your visitors turn into your customers. It will be less difficult with the support of Shopify’s Sales Pop – Popup notifications app.

Sales Pop app

Out of all other Shopify’s apps for increasing the conversion rate, why Sales Pop?

Understanding the customers’ mind, this app takes advantage of FOMO (Fear of missing out). It shows that your store is real, with many customers are buying your products and your store is really busy. By demonstrating to the potential buyers that the other ones have trust in your store, they could feel eased and less hesitated to make purchasing decisions. With real-time popup notifications showing other customers are buying your store’s products, they will create an urge that may lead to increased conversions. 


What we like What we don’t like
  • Convert traffic quickly
  • Fabulous design
  • Excellent customer support
  • Instant upgrades
  • In-depth analytics dashboard
  • Free
  • Doesn’t have advanced feature
  • No advanced targeting
  • No exit-intent trigger

The rating for this app is 4.8/5

#3. For creating customer loyalty

When customers feel that they are valued, they will remain loyal and stay longer with you. One way to do that is by using the Smile app, which builds trust and loyalty with points, referrals and retention marketing.

Shopify’s Smile app

This app provides 3 loyalty programs, which are:

  •  Loyalty points program
  •  Referral program 
  • VIP program. 

These are effective ways to encourage behaviours that motivate customer engagement and keep them stay loyal to your store. The 3 programs are also the tools that E-commerce merchants can use to create an excellent branded rewards experience, which is great for driving repeated purchases and facilitating growth. 


What we like What we don’t like
  • Simple design customizations to reflect your brand
  • Get your rewards program started in just a few clicks
  • Integrate with the marketing tools you already use
  • Powerful features to make your store stands out (customization, app integration, account and launch management,…)
  • Free plans to help your business grow
  • No customer support at the weekend

The overall rating for this app is 4.8/5

#4. For inventory management

Having to manage a business with various products is really hard. You will have to add tags to hundreds of products, restore products and public products to a wide range of sale channels such as Facebook and Amazon. With Bulk Product Edit & CSV import, you don’t have to do all these tasks manually anymore.

Bulk Edit & CSV import

With this app, you can save a lot of time because it helps to filter product and variants by type, collection, name, description and so on. Besides, both CSV and Excel formats are supported, which is very convenient if you want to import the outputs. A unique feature of this app is the SEO feature. By using Bulk Product Edit, you can update the URL, meta title and meta description of thousands of products in a few clicks


What we like What we don’t like
  • Unique SEO features
  • Filter products and variants easily
  • Both CSV and Excel formats are supported
  • Flexible scheduling features
  • There is no downtime to your store during bulk edits.
  • You can’t update just a single field, you need to re-import the entire product data

4.8/5 is the rate for this app. 

#5. For customer services

Customer service is also an indispensable element for every online store. Proving fast, responsive and helpful service will make your customers feel they are worthy and valuable. However, it is not an easy job to do all the tasks regarding customer support. By taking advantage of Gorgias, you and your customer support team are more likely to deliver excellent services to your customers. 

Gorgias app

Gorgias allows your customer service team to better manage the tasks of customer support on various channels, such as email, live chat, phone, social media. You can streamline all your support tickets in one unified view, which helps to save time and money. 

Since the customers often hate waiting for too long, it is better if you are able to provide support as soon as possible. With Gorgias, E-commerce merchants can reduce the customer support time in half with instant response live chat and one-click response using pre-made templates. Using templates, automation, rules and macros (variables such as date, tracking status, order status,…) will cut support time by 30-50%. 


What we like What we don’t like
  • Provide customer service on various channels
  • Quick customer support time
  • Increase conversions and revenue
  • Eliminate ticket backlog
  • Offer many integrations with 3 categories: Ecommerce, support channels and business apps
  • The price is quite expensive to start with

Overall rating: 4.8/5

Above are our top 5 Shopify apps that we highly recommend E-commerce merchants to explore and try to use. Hopefully, with this list, store owners can be able to select the most suitable apps for their business to thrive more.