Shopify’s 1st Hanoi Meet up – A golden opportunity and valuable experience

On May 18th, Hamsa team joined Shopify’s 1st meetup, which was hosted by Shopify partners for the very first time in Hanoi. This major event gathered over 150 developers and designers, including not only Shopify developers, but also those of Magento/Prestashop/WooCommerce. Shopify’s meetup in Hanoi was a great chance for Hamsa to get together with other Shopify affiliates and app developers, as well as to obtain useful information regarding Shopify’s theme and app design. Below are several key points that Hamsa had summarized after joining the event.  

Hamsa team joined the 1st Shopify meetup in Hanoi

Introduction to Shopify and the prospect of Shopify in Vietnam

Here are some valuable information about the overview and the plan for the development of Shopify. 

  • In general, Shopify is one of the best E-commerce platforms and it has gained the trust of about 2,200 partners and developers, along with 185 merchants worldwide over the years. 
  • In the future, Shopify will focus more on investing in Asia, especially Vietnam market as the potential for development here is remarkably high (more than 300%). Because E-commerce is gaining in popularity globally, Shopify will attract more merchants and partners by its service and product innovation. 
About 150 developers came together in Shopify’s 1st meetup in Hanoi

Shopify’s app and theme design: Instructions and tips 

Mr Dzung Do, the founder of SecomApp, has given instructions on how to create a Shopify app in this section. Overall, creative ideas for your business’s platform and comprehensive knowledge about Shopify’s API are necessary for you to take into serious account. As for the website’s theme, you can explore more about Shopify Polaris, which is a design system based on the USGS foundation. The developers of Shopify Polaris have installed a code that includes all the must-have applications of a theme, such as templates and pop-up, allowing clients to create their websites’ themes straightforwardly. In addition, API is of great importance when you build a Shopify app. You can create an account and experiment with API by using Shopify’s API key and API secret. 

Mr Phuc Nguyen, the co-founder of ShopiLaunch, also provided some tips for creating the best Shopify theme. An outstanding idea for your platform is of great importance in the first place, regarding your targeted customers and your chosen field of occupation. Besides, your designs need to be trendy and user-friendly with straightforward features for the customers to use and adjust. You also have to deliver creative content, include high-quality video and adaptive pictures to reduce website loading time. Furthermore, you need to optimize your designs for mobile because it will make the shopping experience of customers better, leading to a higher conversion rate. Last but not least, five-star after sales support is necessary to build long-term customer relationships. 

Valuable information was given by the presenters

“From zero to hero” – valuable lessons about overcoming failures

Through the story “Growing with Shopify: How we failed at making the theme and made Pagefly”, recited by Quang Nguyen and Tony Bui from Pagefly team, we are inspired by their sustained effort to overcome hardship and become successful. The speakers presented about their failures in designing themes for WooCommerce’s Nitro and in building Shopify themes, as well as several valuable lessons that they learned, including focus more on customers and define the time for testing. Their Shopify theme failed, not giving up, they created a Shopify app instead and Pagefly, a page builder, was invented. This innovation was a huge success for them, as a reward for their hard work. They shared with us applicable lessons, such as clear support flow and guidelines, clear feedback submission, product improvement and development cycle, in order for their fellow developers to gain more achievements. They also motivated us to keep moving forward by constantly upgrading our products and services to serve customers better. 

Not only Shopify’s 1st meetup in Hanoi was an opportunity for Hamsa Technologies to meet other developers but also for us to widen our knowledge about a number of professional aspects related to building Shopify’s app and theme. We believe that there will be more meetups to come in the near future.

If you are interested in knowing more and getting updated about Shopify as well as other Shopify’s meetups, contact us!