Personal Development – The Important Driving Force Behind Hamsa’s success

Personal development is defined as the actions that you take to make improvements in terms of skills, experience, and employability. Personal development plays an important role in assisting you to achieve success in life, especially when it comes to your career. There is always room for advancement. Constant learning will be of great significance if you have a strong desire to climb the career ladder in the long-term. At Hamsa, we understand well the importance of personal development and make it our priority to enhance personal growth at work. Hamsa will always try to the best of our ability to promote personal factors. As we know, it is one of the most solid foundations that allow our company to thrive and become more successful. 

What are the benefits of personal development at the workplace?

It creates motivation and purpose

As personal growth is taken into account, you will have motivation and purpose to achieve important accomplishments at work. With motivation from personal development, you are likely to possess a strong will to conquer bigger obstacles and accomplish valuable goals. In your journey to climb the career ladder, the purpose of becoming better versions of yourself allows you to keep moving forward. However, you certainly have to go through ups and downs in this journey. 

It promotes self-awareness

Having a clear understanding of who you are will create opportunities for you to make good your shortcomings and sharpen your strong suits. With personal development motivation, you are likely to be aware of your current position, leading to self-improvement and self-fulfilment. As every single day passes by, bear in mind that one achievement is not enough. The journey for advancement is rough and constant learning is required day by day. Therefore, self-awareness is of great importance, and personal growth will assist you to accomplish that.

It boosts productivity and effectiveness 

Personal development comes along with higher productivity and effectiveness because it allows you to stay focused. In these modern days, there are so many distractions that make it hard for you to concentrate on doing your job, resulting in low productivity and bad outcomes. With the purpose of personal growth, you are able to resist temptations and focus more on meeting deadlines. Everything comes with a cost and a reward. If you have a desire to be better or to improve yourself, you need to be diligent and persistent. Then, personal growth will be a well-deserved reward for your hard work. 

Personal development goes hand-in-hand with high productivity

What are the ways to improve personal development at work?

Asking for feedback

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is necessary for you to have a better understanding of your position. If you are aware of your strong suit, you can continue taking advantage of it. Likewise, realizing your imperfections is also crucial. You will know what skills and knowledge you are lack of, so you can have the chance to learn by experience. One way to do that is by asking and collecting feedback from your colleagues and your managers. As they are the ones who work closely with you, they can provide you with some valuable information as regards your work. They know what you do best and in which field you need to make improvements. They can also give you pieces of advice and constructive criticism for you to acquire a clearer mindset and create plans for personal development.

Setting clear goals  

Having a clear goal creates motivation for you to accomplish tasks to the best of your ability. The goal is the driving force behind personal growth. Most of the goals you set will demand you to possess certain skills to achieve them. For example, if your goal is to design an outstanding software that gives you an edge over that of other developers, you might need one-of-a-kind ideas and scope for creativity. Once you have a goal like that, you will try your best to enhance your skills by practising as well as reviewing more. Your proficiency will be improved gradually.

Learning constantly

Do not ever think that once you have achieved certain accomplishments at work, it is enough. You need to remember that there is always room for improvement. If you long for career advancement, your skills and knowledge have to be enriched day by day. Even more difficult tasks are waiting for you later on. Therefore, constant learning is very vital and it helps you to increase personal development significantly.

Asking for training and mentorship

Training from your mentor or manager is really important for you to get support and advice regarding your personal development. Your direct supervisor, whom you work closely with, will assign suitable tasks that help you to thrive more and provide essential knowledge to complete the tasks well. You can also ask your co-workers to coach you or assist each other to get better on a daily basis.

Asking feedbacks from your fellows contributes greatly to personal growth 

Personal development plans at Hamsa Technologies

Knowing that the personal development of employees is as crucial as the development of the business, Hamsa focuses on improving personal development for our staff and our teams. Because we know that personal growth is one of the best ways to bring success to the company, we do not consider training as the company’s cost. Providing our employees with the opportunity for personal development will create several benefits, such as higher productivity, better communication, and better technical skills. At Hamsa, we have some plans regarding personal growth, including:

Clear career path

All of our employees have a clear career path, which helps them to define their goals better. If they want to get promoted, they will look directly at the career path provided and know what skills are necessary for them to be successful. Besides, when they look at the career path, they can have more motivations and begin to make detailed plans on things to do to achieve several accomplishments.

On-the-job training and study program

At first, you may not possess enough technical knowledge to do the job. But do not worried, at Hamsa, we provide hands-on training organized by Hamsa’s managers. They will train you about the theoretical facts about your field, and the essential skills you need to finish the tasks well. Their training will be from basic to advanced level, which is the chance for you to learn by doing. Your personal development will be improved as they also give you constructive feedback and advice on ways to complete the job better. 

Hamsa also implements a study program. At the beginning of the week, you will be given one topic to explore, and then by the end of this week, you will have the chance to present about what you have studied regarding that topic. This will help you to learn more effectively.

Executive support

At Hamsa, we always encourage questions. During the working process, if you find anything hard to understand or do, questions are welcome. Hamsa’s executives are willing to support you anytime you have difficulty related to your job. Do not be shy to raise your voice, asking questions is one effective way to learn and improve yourself.

Overall, personal development at the workplace is considered very crucial for a company’s success and Hamsa often provides conditions for our staff to develop self-growth, allowing them to adapt to their jobs quickly, understand their fields and never feel incompetent.

If you are interested in joining us and becoming a member of Hamsa Technologies, let’s take a look at our careers!

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