Interview CEO’s Hamsa: E-commerce In 2019 With Prospects And Obstacles

With over 10 years of experience in e-commerce, Mr Peter Nguyen – CEO and Co-founder of Hamsa Technologies – shared his points of view about e-commerce worldwide in 2019 with a ton of potentials and also challenges. Let’s find out below!

The prospects of E-commerce worldwide in 2019

According to Mr Peter, of all five continents, Asia has witnessed the most remarkable development in E-commerce in the first two quarters of 2019. Especially in those developing countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Because these nations are still on the way to affirm their positions, it is important for them to facilitate E-commerce. He also said that because of the catch-up effect, countries that start off poorer will thrive more significantly, compared to those nations that already have robust economies. Therefore, E-commerce in developing countries is likely to have more prospects to succeed. 

Besides, the growth of cutting-edge technologies contributes significantly to the boom of E-commerce in 2019. Nowadays, E-commerce businesses worldwide are taking advantage of various modern technological tools to provide the best services for customers. One of the most outstanding tools is AI (Artificial Intelligence), along with machine learning. These tools give business owners up-to-the-minute and detailed analysis regarding the customer behaviour pattern. These big data allow for the possibility of extensive personalization and help businesses to provide better services that match customers’ interests and preferences. 

Moreover, Mr Peter also believes that E-commerce has never been more accessible. In the past, business owners cannot create their E-commerce websites without support from experts or web design services. With the emergence of companies and services like Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, etc, E-commerce will be reached by anyone. All those e-commerce platforms will help business owners to design their own online website, using its diverse theme and image stock easily.

Furthermore, many customers now opt for online shopping as it saves time and energy. E-commerce websites in 2019 are designed to help the customers navigate around quickly. They might find their needed products immediately and buy an item conveniently by adding a search bar on the homepage, image search and easy-to-access shopping cart. Last but not least, with the popularity of m-commerce (shopping online through mobile phone) recently, it is likely that E-commerce in 2019 will thrive even stronger.

Shopify plays an important role in the facilitation of E-commerce

The obstacles of E-commerce worldwide in 2019

 When customers do the shopping online, lack of trust is inevitable. As regards the quality of a product, the customers can not be assured that their needed items are in good conditions.  Besides, the danger of cyber thieves makes it more difficult for them to put trust in E-commerce and shopping online. Their personal information will be stolen immediately. Therefore, it is the duty for E-commerce stores to take the safety of customers’ private data into serious account. 

Competition is another challenge for E-commerce in 2019. Because E-commerce has gained in popularity recently, one E-commerce business must face cutting-throat competition. Not only with its E-commerce rivals but also with retailers and manufacturers to increase revenues and maintain customer loyalty.

Moreover, the obstacle comes from shopping cart abandonment is huge. As the checkout and form-filling process are complicated and time-wasting, customers often abandon their shopping cart and lose the intention to buy. E-commerce businesses, hence, need to simplify these processes to keep customers stay.

Cybercrime is one of the most serious obstacles to E-commerce

The thriving E-commerce industries in 2019

When being asked about this topic, Mr Peter also told that the fashion industry would still have the potential to develop even more in 2019. Because this industry is huge and there are lots of eye-catching items with reasonable prices to choose from, customers will still take interest in shopping online for clothing. 

Besides fashion, the food industry also has a high possibility to develop as well. People always take interest in delicious food at cheap prices or good discounts. For example, in Vietnam, generous discounts are offered when the customers order the food online. Some food services in Vietnam such as GrabFood or are totally online-based through their own apps and websites. The customers only need to choose their favourite food online, and the food will be delivered at their doorsteps immediately. In general, fashion and food industry are likely to dominate in the E-commerce market in 2019.

The development of HappyPoints and RockPOS in 2019

 As E-commerce is very famous now, the potential for the development of HappyPoints and RockPOS is also huge. HappyPoints and RockPOS are two of the Hamsa’s services that help business owners to develop their own E-commerce websites. HappyPoints is connected with Shopify in order to create the best and efficient e-commerce store for any merchants worldwide based on Shopify’s foundation. 

HappyPoints provides several crucial services, ranging from store set up, theme customisation, theme development, store design, site speed optimisation, app development to the professional consultant in launching stores A to Z.

RockPOS is a powerful POS (point-of-sales) solution based on PrestaShop platform, which helps business owners to manage their shops from a far distance. There will be no gap between your online shop and physical store thanks to RockPOS’s 2-way synchronized function. 

It is believed that HappyPoints and RockPOS will contribute greatly to the facilitation of E-commerce in 2019.

RockPOS and HappyPoints contribute greatly to the development of E-commerce

At the end of the interview, Mr Peter shared his opinion about the responsibility of Hamsa Technologies, along with the growth of E-commerce. The stronger the development of E-commerce, the more responsibility that Hamsa has to take. Despite being under a lot of pressure, he believes that with the company’s slogan “Customers come first”, Hamsa will continue providing the best services to live up to clients’ expectations. 

If you are curious about Hamsa Technologies as well as our work and services in the E-commerce market, you can go directly to About Us and find out more information!  

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