E-commerce In The Europe Market And The Growth Of RockPOS

E-commerce is developing globally, and Europe is no exception. According to the latest E-commerce Foundation report, as stated on ecommercenews.eu, E-commerce’s value is predicted to increase by about 13.6 per cent, from 547 billion euros last year to 621 billion euros at the end of 2019. We can see from the data that the number of people who are in favour of E-commerce is experiencing a growing trend in the next several years in Europe. Let’s find out more information below regarding the position of E-commerce in the Europe market and the future of RockPOS – the most powerful POS (point-of-sale) solution based on PrestaShop platform.

The growth of E-commerce in the Europe market

As illustrated by the E-commerce Foundation report, Denmark accounted for the highest share of online shopping consumers in Europe last year, along with Switzerland and the UK (about more than 85%). There was only below 26% of people in Romania and Ukraine did the shopping on the internet. However, e-commerce is reported to develop continuously at over 13 per cent by the E-commerce Foundation. With the turnover rate is about 66 per cent in Western Europe and Eastern European, making up only 23 billion euros out of 547 billion euros.

Regarding the average expenditure of online shoppers, the highest spending fell into the group of people in Northern Europe with 2.046 euros a year. The average expenditure of European people who shop on the internet is predicted to increase from 1.346 euros last year to 1.464 euros by the end of 2019, according to ecommercenews.eu.

Although E-commerce is gaining in popularity in Europe, a number of people prefer to go to brick-and-mortar stores and do shopping in person, rather than shop online. 11% of people in Denmark and the Netherlands said they preferred physical stores over virtual ones. However, the number of European who favours online shopping still outnumbers that of people preferring shopping outdoors in Europe.

As E-commerce is more common nowadays, huge online shopping stores in Europe are also becoming more famous. Obviously, Amazon often attracts people the most, along with Staples and Apple from America (Internet Retailer’s top 10 list of the biggest online retailers in Europe, as stated on ecommercenews.eu). The list also includes stores from Europe, such as Otto (Germany), Tesco(UK) and Groupe Casino(France).

E-commerce is more common now in Europe

The essential features of RockPOS in managing stores

With the development of E-commerce, along with the habits of shopping at physical stores of several people in Europe, RockPOS is of great significance and importance for consumers. RockPOS is the solution for managing successfully online as well as physical stores. Using RockPOS, merchants can have the opportunity to manage their stores even from a far distance. 

There are several management features of RockPOS that will assist merchants to operate their store well. First of all, it has features related to sales operation. Those features include guest check-out, which allows shop owner or cashier to make customer profiles in a rapid way with their name, phone number and email. If customer profiles are not necessary, the cashier can just finish the order without a customer. Besides, RockPOS provides other functions such as set up display, bilingual support and receipt design. It can also manage multi-stores, no matter if you own 100 physical shops, management work can be done easily thanks to its synchronized function. 

Moreover, when it comes to the customers, Custom Sales feature helps them to add products to cart in many convenient ways: barcode scanning, keywords searching and categories filtering. In addition, customers can have a better shopping experience because RockPOS offers them to set a discount on products and the whole order. Last but not least, it accepts multiple payment types. Customers can choose to pay in any way that they want. RockPOS is really flexible and useful for both customers and shop owners as it is powerful, user-friendly and easy to use.

The development of RockPOS in the future

With all the features and benefits that RockPOS offers, it will likely to develop significantly in the Europe market. RockPOS is now released in this region market and it has secured a certain position. There are more than 2,500 merchants use RockPOS to manage their stores and businesses in Europe, and they have been giving good feedback constantly. RockPOS is believed to grow even more. Its unique synchronised function helps to narrow the gap between online stores and physical stores. 

As RockPOS is beginning to show its potential for development, Hamsa Technologies will have more responsibility to make improvements for the product, as well as enhance the company’s customer services. Although Hamsa is under high pressure, with the company’s motto: “Customers come first”, Hamsa Technologies and RockPOS are confident to serve our clients as good as possible.

RockPOS is likely to develop significantly in the future

To sum up, E-commerce will still develop remarkably in Europe and there is likely to be a bright future for RockPOS in this market. Along with these developments, Hamsa will carry on providing the best services for the customers, living up to the position as a leading Shopify and Prestashop expert. 

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